Optimizing Magento for Speed and Performance

Magento is a very good ecommerce solution at the same time as they call it ‘an over engineered’ system which is not very light. But can we rule it out from the list of ecommerce softwares we would consider? Definitely not. Reasons are anything from Magento being open source to the community help and plugins’ … Continued

Add a Custom field in checkout – Magento module

We had to create a custom module for a client who wanted selectable options in the checkout review page which asks “How did you hear about our website?” with some options like Social Media, Blog, Search Engines etc. Basically this module creates a custom field in the checkout review section. This module can be pretty … Continued

Estimating shipping rate on product details page in Magento

Here is a very useful functionality that doesn’t come with Magento by default. It is to display the shipping rate of the product in the product details/view page. This clearly gives the user an idea of what would be the shipping cost before going to checkout with other products. It can be used very well … Continued

Assigning products to multiple stores programmatically in magento

Let’s say you have a magento multi website/store installation and you want to assign the products of a particular category to the new store. I wrote a few lines of code to accomplish this. if (isset($_GET[‘dev_mode’]) && $_GET[‘dev_mode’] == ‘yes’) { $categoryIds = array(578,579); //category ids whose products you want to assign foreach ($categoryIds as … Continued