Simple explanation of abstract classes and why we would use them

Lets consider an example. We are creating 2 classes for employees in an office. There are 2 kinds of employees, fulltime and contract employees. Both type of employees have some common methods and properties like, name, monthly salary etc. class EmployeeFulltime {   public $fistName  = ”;   public $lastName  = ”;   public $annualPay = 0;      public function __construct($employee)   {    $this->firstName = $employee[‘firstName’];    $this->lastName  = $employee[‘lastName’];    $this->annualPay = $employee[‘annualPay’];   }   public function getFullName() … Continued

Regular expressions in PHP

PHP has three sets of functions that allow you to work with regular expressions. Programmer s does not use these powerful functions often as it seems to be difficult to create patterns. Also it is not easy to find a basic and simple regular expression tutorial in a single webpage .  So I would like … Continued

Estimating shipping rate on product details page in Magento

Here is a very useful functionality that doesn’t come with Magento by default. It is to display the shipping rate of the product in the product details/view page. This clearly gives the user an idea of what would be the shipping cost before going to checkout with other products. It can be used very well … Continued

New theme not showing up in magento 1.7 after installation

You did a successful magento installation, the base theme is showing up and you are all good to go. Then you uploaded your theme and updated it from magento backend. Still its not showing up? This is a problem that might eat up some of your time. Usually a very simple solution will fix it. … Continued